My Plan For Bathroom Remodeling

One of my bathroom remodeling ideas for this time around is to have the ceiling tiles and framework for them replaced. However, after seeing what the owner of a restaurant did to his ceiling tiles, I am realizing mine just need repainted. So I might actually focus on a larger project I have been wanting to deal with, and that is changing out the bathtub.

I certainly have choices when it comes to this bathroom remodeling project. My first choice is to fit a new bathtub right over the old one. However, if I had more money to invest, I might go for replacing the tub with a stand-up shower. I am fine with the sink that is in place in the bathroom, but I certainly want to get a new mirror. I actually want a smaller one because the I currently have is gigantic.

Do my ideas line up with yours? Would you like to see some things done to your bathroom? If so, then it is time to talk with a contractor or ask yourself about your own capabilities when it comes to do it yourself bathroom renovation. We talked to a great local contractor, Northeast Ohio Home Renovations, who was very knowledgeable and gave a competitive quote. I’m leaning to go with him since I’m not 100% confident I won’t screw it up… Sometimes it’s better to go with the professional. But I will sleep on it. Anyway, keep that bathroom looking good, and be sure to stick with a strong budget.