Bathroom Remodelers – The Search Is On

My husband and I always wanted kids. Don’t get me wrong on that. We were hoping for two. We wound up with three. We were also hoping to raise them in our next home, and not our starter home, but things didn’t quite work out the way we planned. Life rarely does.

We only have one bathroom in our starter home…for five of us. We’re saving up for our forever home and even starting to look, so we’re doing what we can to increase the resale value of our current home.

My husband and I have concluded, reluctantly, that adding more bathrooms to this one just isn’t feasible, so we’re just going to knock out a laundry closet and make the one bathroom as big as we can.

I’ve asked the whole family for bathroom remodeling ideas because even though we’re aiming to sell this home, I know we might still be here a few years. I found some really interesting bathroom remodelers called Clear Choice Bath and their site has some bathroom ideas that I liked a lot and could work really well in our home. I’m hoping if everyone has input in creating the new bathroom, they’ll be emotionally invested in helping us remodel it and then keep up it pristine and clean when we start opening the home to showings for possible buyers and anyone interested in it.