Small bathroom designs used to be somewhat difficult to find.  All the designs on the market seemed to be only for the larger bathrooms.  As the demand for designs for smaller bathrooms grew, so did the options.

There are many people who want to pack a lot of style into a small bathroom. The good news is that you can.  Be careful not to go overboard or your small bathroom will seem even smaller.

Rule #1 for Small Bathroom Designs

Light is important.  Light can make a room seem larger than it is.  Make sure your design incorporates as much natural light as possible.  In addition to natural light make sure you have sufficient lighting fixtures in the room.

Use mirrors and other surfaces to enhance the light in the room.  A dark, small bathroom will appear much smaller than it actually is.

Rule #2 for Small Bathroom Designs

Look for multi-function pieces.  There are a number of really nice cabinetry options that you can use with your sink to maximize the use of every inch of your smaller bathroom space.

Find pieces that have sufficient storage.  Typically lighter pieces that use more glass and reflective services will make a room feel larger and less confining.

Rule #3 for Small Bathroom Designs

Go vertical.  If you have a small bathroom you want to go vertical with your design.  Get taller pieces that use vertical space rather than horizontal space.  Tall cabinetry is a good way to pack a lot of storage space in a small area.

Consider having a shower stall rather than a tub.  Shower stalls take up less room vertically and the same amount of room horizontally.

Rule # 4 for Small Bathroom Designs

Create a focal point.  When you create a focal point for the eye, you will minimize the fact that it is a small space.  Consider a mirror or dramatic décor that will keep the eye focused on a particular part of the room.

Windows and mirrors are two of the most effective focal points for smaller bathrooms.

Rule #5 for Small Bathroom Designs

Think big!  If you are defeated before you begin your bathroom will reflect that.  There are some stunning small bathroom designs to choose from.  A little creativity and imagination can go a long way towards transforming a small bathroom into a stunning bathroom.

Look online and ask a professional bathroom design firm about options to transform your small bathroom with some great small bathroom designs.

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