Redesigning your bathroom is an exciting project, with both financial and psychological advantages, since you’ll be value to your home and creating a stylish retreat for yourself. However, before you undertake the project of redesigning your bathroom, check that you are following all of your local rules and regulations.

The specific bathroom design rules and regulations that apply to you will vary depending on factors like your municipality, the scope of the project, and the age of your house. For example, if you live in a condo, your association might have regulations about what kinds of remodeling changes are allowed. If you live in a historic house, your bathroom design possibilities might be limited.

Nearly all municipalities will require that you obtain a building permit before starting work on your new bathroom design. A building permit will allow your local or state government to determine that your bathroom design follows all relevant regulations, and does not put yourself or your family at risk.

Usually a building permit is required if you are doing work like replacing drywall or moving the position of your water line or electrical outlets. Major structural work like changing the position of your walls requires an additional permit, whereas minor work like replacing your faucets or floor tile requires no permit at all.

If you are not certain whether your bathroom renovation calls for a building permit, call your local government office for the exact rules and regulations that apply to you. Failure to take this step could be extremely costly.

There are also some rules and regulations to follow when it comes to details like the height of your bathroom sink, or the distance between your toilet and the wall. These guidelines help ensure that your bathroom is safe and accessible, so be sure to educate yourself about them before you start with your bathroom design.

By following the bathroom design rules and regulations, you can avoid hefty fines while protecting the safety of everyone who uses your bathroom.

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