My Plan For Bathroom Remodeling

One of my bathroom remodeling ideas for this time around is to have the ceiling tiles and framework for them replaced. However, after seeing what the owner of a restaurant did to his ceiling tiles, I am realizing mine just need repainted. So I might actually focus on a larger project I have been wanting to deal with, and that is changing out the bathtub.

I certainly have choices when it comes to this bathroom remodeling project. My first choice is to fit a new bathtub right over the old one. However, if I had more money to invest, I might go for replacing the tub with a stand-up shower. I am fine with the sink that is in place in the bathroom, but I certainly want to get a new mirror. I actually want a smaller one because the I currently have is gigantic.

Do my ideas line up with yours? Would you like to see some things done to your bathroom? If so, then it is time to talk with a contractor or ask yourself about your own capabilities when it comes to do it yourself bathroom renovation. We talked to a great local contractor, Northeast Ohio Home Renovations, who was very knowledgeable and gave a competitive quote. I’m leaning to go with him since I’m not 100% confident I won’t screw it up… Sometimes it’s better to go with the professional. But I will sleep on it. Anyway, keep that bathroom looking good, and be sure to stick with a strong budget.

Bathroom Remodelers – The Search Is On

My husband and I always wanted kids. Don’t get me wrong on that. We were hoping for two. We wound up with three. We were also hoping to raise them in our next home, and not our starter home, but things didn’t quite work out the way we planned. Life rarely does.

We only have one bathroom in our starter home…for five of us. We’re saving up for our forever home and even starting to look, so we’re doing what we can to increase the resale value of our current home.

My husband and I have concluded, reluctantly, that adding more bathrooms to this one just isn’t feasible, so we’re just going to knock out a laundry closet and make the one bathroom as big as we can.

I’ve asked the whole family for bathroom remodeling ideas because even though we’re aiming to sell this home, I know we might still be here a few years. I found some really interesting bathroom remodelers called Clear Choice Bath and their site has some bathroom ideas that I liked a lot and could work really well in our home. I’m hoping if everyone has input in creating the new bathroom, they’ll be emotionally invested in helping us remodel it and then keep up it pristine and clean when we start opening the home to showings for possible buyers and anyone interested in it.

Quick Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Maximum Effect

When you’re checking into bathroom remodeling ideas, normally you want to achieve the most impact possible for your money. Thankfully, there are a few quick things that you can do to increase the overall effect your bathroom has without breaking the bank on a complete overhaul.

First, start with bathroom fixtures. Replacing the faucets in your sink and bathtub / shower are great ways to create a huge impact without a lot of monetary investment. New modern hardware can really make your bathroom look sleek.

Second, if your tub / shower looks dingy, check into resurfacing before deciding to go with an entirely new tub. Often, you can have fiberglass tubs and showers resurfaced for a fraction of replacement costs, and they will look almost as good as the day they were installed.

Finally, consider replacing your existing floors with a more modern tile effect. You can often get new linoleum tiles very inexpensively, and just having a fresh color scheme for your floors will create an entirely new look for your entire bathroom.

By following the tips listed above, you can quickly and easily remodel your bathroom without having to invest a lot of money into the project. For less than $500, you can completely change the overall appearance of your bathroom and bring it into the modern age.

Ideas for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Is it time for a new look when it comes to your bathroom space? Then try some of these remodeling ideas!

1. Repaint

One way to really transform your bathroom without spending too much money/doing too much work is switching up the wall color in the room. A shade of blue is a wonderful choice for a bathroom as it promotes a feeling of relaxation and rest.

2. Add Shelving

While remodeling your bathroom, you may want to add shelves, especially if you have a smaller space that you find gets cluttered easily. You can add pre-made shelves, or even make some yourself. These can be formatted for hanging towels while still being used for storage.

3. Upgrade Your Flooring

If you are tired of your current flooring in your bathroom space, consider upgrading it. Tile is a good way to go without spending too much. If you have a bit of a DIY streak, you can even create a mosaic look using your extra pennies!

4. Change Your Mirror

Replace your bathroom mirror for an updated look, or even spruce up your current mirror with a fresh coat of paint. A good way to do this is to lightly coat the frame (if you have one) with a metallic spray paint.

Hello and Thanks For Stopping By!

Hello, and thanks for checking out my blog. I’m Dale, and I’m what you might call a “weekend warrior remodeler.” I got a reputation for being a handy sort of guy, and got into bathroom remodeling since it seems to be my specialty. At some point, I might get bonded, etc., but I wanted to write my ideas to clarify if this is what I really wanted to pursue.

So let’s talk about bathroom remodeling ideas!┬áIf you’re going to be renovating your bathroom, you should seek out some inspiration. You don’t want your new bathroom to be bland and boring; you want it to look amazing. Here are some basic bathroom remodeling ideas.

Themed Bathrooms

If you look at interior decorating magazines, you’ll notice a lot of bathrooms with a theme. Think about a theme that would work for your bathroom.

Spa Bathrooms

People love going to spas, but spas are even better when they are right at home. Look into bringing some spa-like elements to your bathroom. If you look at images of spas, you’ll be able to get some great ideas.

Retro-Inspired Bathrooms

A lot of retro designs are coming back in a big way. People love bathrooms that have a classic retro look. From subway tile to mid-century modern designs, there is a lot you can learn by looking at bathrooms from the past.

Color Inspiration

Look to nature if you need color inspiration for your bathroom. You may see color combinations you would never have thought of otherwise.

If you need some ideas for your bathroom remodeling project, start looking at images now. You don’t have to limit yourself to looking at bathrooms. You should be able to find inspiration in plenty of places.

Finding Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Do you know what you want to do with your bathroom? If you’ve been struggling to come up with bathroom remodeling ideas, you shouldn’t throw the towel in. Here’s how you can find the inspiration that you need.

Start Reading Magazines

Magazines aren’t as big as they used to be, but there are still plenty of interior decorating magazines out there. See if any of these books inspire you.

Look At Blogs

Follow home decorating and interior design bloggers. You’ll be able to see images of some amazing bathrooms that way.

Pay Attention To TV

The next time you see a bathroom on a TV show, look at it closely. You just might get some design ideas.

Look At Older Bathrooms

You don’t need to look at the latest bathrooms if you need some ideas. You can draw inspiration from older homes as well. A lot of the trends of the past are actually coming back in a big way.

If you’re struggling to find ideas for your new bathroom, you shouldn’t panic. Remember, there are plenty of ways for you to get the inspiration you need. You’ll be able to find all kinds of appealing bathroom remodeling ideas. You should be able to figure out what you want to do with your bathroom.